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Innovative & ground up instruction for all ages 

If you’re going to truly excel and be successful in the great world of horses; the key is knowledge and a correct foundation && you’ve come to the right place!
My name is Brittany Mercier and I work with children and adults of all ages and experience levels to help them accomplish their goals and overall learn the proper care and riding basics of horses that will enable them to excel in whichever discipline or sport they choose in the future. 
I believe in ground up instruction that inspires children, keeps their attention and teaches them a multitude of life skills such as: dedication, responsibility, task management, confidence and the ability to take charge and complete tasks. 
 This, more than anything, is a direct reflection of my success as a Horse Riding Instructor.


About Me

Based in the Hudson Valley, I am a New Paltz local, born and raised that has been training and riding my entire life; and have been taking lessons myself since 13 years old. I have grown up in an equestrian family with both parents and a sibling that also rides. 

I am extremely passionate about building the agricultural and equine community of ulster county while simultaneously teaching the proper techniques. 

But I’m also extremely passionate about the game and ready to help my clients improve theirs. I’ve been told I’m tough but understanding, and I give each rider the individual guidance they need to exceed their potential.


My Classes

Improve Your Game

Private Lessons

$55 hourly or 10 for $450

Personalized and individualized 1 hr lesson. Perfect one on one time that works well for those who have very specific scheduling needs. Schedule a class today.

Day Camp

$45 per child per day 

Camp is a beginning introduction to horses, horsemanship and riding in a fun social setting with the intent to provide a beginning exposure to horses- the rules of behavior around them and the foundation principles that set a child up for future horse experiences. 

The day includes:



•basic rules of horsemanship

•fun games with the horses 

•a fun nature walk

•arts and crafts 

•slime making 


We are located both inside and outside nestled in the beautiful mountain of new paltz- with a gorgeous view. 

It is drop off and pick up. I take pictures of everyone’s ride and send them to the parents after. It includes a pizza lunch. 

The general daily schedule generally is: (however it does fluctuate) I am planning lunch around 1:30. At 11:30 we do arts and crafts and paint the pony. I have puzzle making- slime making also. Arts and crafts vary over the course of the camp days so children aren’t repeatedly doing the same activities. Children take home their art projects- as well as their slime. We have horseshoes to paint and decorate as well. 

After lunch are horse activities and nature walk. We review basic horsemanship and will go over tack. The children are taught to groom the horses then we will be taking turns riding and doing activities, exercises and games with the horses. Then we will be finishing up with slime making until it’s time for pick up. The schedule may move around a bit or on the kids interest or weather. For example if it rains we stay in the indoor and may do different inside activities such as soccer or sand castles etc. But that is the general tentative schedule. 

The price of camp includes lunch and is $45 per child per day. Can do however many days you are interested in. I accept PayPal, cash, check or card (includes fee). Payment is required at time of sign up.

If interested- I just need child’s name and age & payment and I’ll add them to the list. And then for drop off I just need a release signed by parent or guardian. We provide water throughout the day. If anything other than pizza or water is wanted children are free to bring their own snacks etc. Most children last camp brought change of clothes- I just wouldn’t have your child wear anything they mind getting dirty or paint on. And sneakers or boots are best around the horses:)

Equine Educational Classes 

1 hr group sessions= $20 pr session 2 hr group sessions= $30 pr session

Sessions open now: 

Monday’s at 3pm: 3-7 years old $20 per session 

Tuesday’s at 3pm: 10-15 years old $20 per session

Each Thursday: Beginner Class (any age) 3-5 pm

                         Advanced Class (any age) 5-7 pm

Alternating Sundays (verify dates): 1-3 pm

Geared towards homeschooled children however anyone can join!

The children will be learning not only how to ride but everything from the ground up. Ground work, tack, care, feeding, grooming, bathing etc. there is a curriculum! You are more than welcome to see- you are not just sending your child off to do barn labor😂😂. The younger group will be riding, however the older group will be doing much more riding. 

This is a great hands on learning opportunity in an outdoor setting. The barn is a great place to learn responsibility, hard work, commitment, and dependability. 

The goal of these classes is to provide a ground up equine education that covers horsemanship, horse care, basic horse training and riding. For example this year my students have learned 



•stall cleaning

•wrapping legs


•tacking independently


•I had a farrier come in and teach the kids 

•lounging and free lounging with training gadget



“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”


Contact Me

Get in touch today to schedule a session with Ridge Runner Ranch.

85 Hasbrouck Rd
New Paltz, Ulster County 12561



Making Headlines

What’s Going On?


Horsing At Home

I am proud to announce we now have created an online course that allows children to now learn about horses from home! I have provided the link below to register. 
The content is still in progress but there will continually more and more content as each day grows.There is unlimited time on the course and children can go back to repeat it over and over. The course is $15 as of right now. It’s a basics of horses course (horses A-Z) has so far has about 8 hours of content not including the puzzles and quizzes etc. If you create an account without purchasing a course it will automatically be deleted after 48 hours. This is generated for ages 5-15, to teach about horses while children are stuck at home. Covers a miriad of topics from care and grooming, to anatomy, breeds, sports, and different horse exercises. If anyone has any additional questions I encourage them to send me a personal message. I would love feedback!




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