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About Ridge Runner Ranch

Located in New Paltz, NY; nestled beautifully within the mountainside, Ridge Runner Ranch is fiercely committed to building the local equine community through educating with a great emphasis on the importance of proper horsemanship. We proudly offer Trail Rides, Lessons & Barrel Racing!


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Horse Stall Portrait

Want to Come Experience Horses but Don't Want to Ride? 

Come check out our latest experience!

grooming with horses
weekends at 9am

Peaceful and enjoyable. Join us for 45 minutes of grooming and handling our horses. There are no age restrictions. You are accompanied by a guide. Available now until fall- this summer only! 


~$20 per person

~reservations must be made.


Can add this experience onto a trail ride as well! 

Send us an email, or text to book! 


Come join us for our 2024 barrel racing season! With plenty of added money & fun prizes! Any season information will be posted here. 

We are still looking for sponsors and added money donors, if you are interested in sponsoring classes, and added money- please send us a message! We love our sponsors dearly and wouldn't be able to hold these events without them. 


Introduction to Equine Energy Facilitation ©


Join us for an evening of Equine Energy Facilitation ©.


We will explore and experience techniques to facilitate wellness, enhance performance and connect more deeply with your horse!


Tenney Gravatt, the presenter, has perfected this multifaceted equine energy practice using a combination of: • Reiki • Telepathic Communication • Acupressure • Craniosacral Therapy This combination often leads to: • deeper connection • more balanced wellness • more grounded relationship • supported movement • enhanced performance • less behavioral drama.


Through discussion, demonstration and hands-on experiences, we’ll delve into what energy is, why it can be a healing tool, how and when to use it with your animals and ways to build your ability to access your own healing energy.


Join us for a fun and magical evening of Equine Energy Facilitation © with Tenney Gravatt


Two-hour workshop: $50 6pm-8pm. May 20th Ridge Runner Ranch, New Paltz, NY

To sign up~ email

or register off of website:

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